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Tradologics is the fastest way to go from idea to live-trading – bypassing all infrastructure headaches.

~$ tctl deploy tradelet -l py3 -f
# import tradologics as tl def tradehook(data): client = tl.tradelet() if data["close"] >= data["open"]: return client.submit_order( account="etrade-account-1", asset="AAPL:US", qty=100, side="buy" )

Say Hello to Frictionless Trading

Welcome 👋 and thank you for checking out Tradologics.

If you’re here, its probably because you’ve somehow heard about Tradologics and was intrigued.

Good instincts! 😉

On this page, you’ll find information about what Tradologics is and how it can change the way you currently approach programmatic trading.

Programmatic trading — a term that encompasses algorithmic, automated, rule-based, systematic, and quantitative trading — is taking over. The next generation of programmatic traders isn’t going to come from Wall Street or City of London, but rather from all over the world.

However, taking programmatic strategies past the research stage comes with serious challenges that make it nearly impossible for most participants to realize their goal.

While looking for a way to support trading with multiple brokers in my open-source trading library, I realized that there's no easy way to run a strategy on different brokers without re-writing most of the code.

Sure, there's the FIX protocol - but it's old (created in the 90s’), overly complicated, and very few retail and online brokers even support it.

The fact is that taking a strategy live requires skills that are entirely unrelated to trading.

Aside from generating trading signals, traders need to work with streaming market data, process large amounts of data in real-time, manage server infrastructure, parsing logs, etc.

Traders nowdays need to be transformed into a trading powerhouse with the skills of a Quant Researcher, a Quant Developer, a Programmer, DevOps Engineer, and a Database Administrator, to name a few. Even if someone were to hold all those skills, they would still need to deal with the fragmented nature of the industry and familiarize themself with each broker's API implementation, SDKs, and software.

But what if there was a way for traders to focus only on the trading logic – without worrying about stuff like broker connectivity, data management, or infrastructure?

That’s why I'm creating Tradologics...

Tradologics is a Cloud platform that lets traders research, test, deploy, monitor, and scale their programmatic trading strategies. It's the fastest way to go from idea to live-trading, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches.

Tradologics’ goal is to become a disruptor in the trading landscape by being the first Cloud platform that’s tailored to the specific needs of programmatic traders.

Upon launch, we’ll offer a myriad of tools and services aimed to solve every part of the trader's business cycle, allowing them to focus on the trading logic, while we take care of everything else.

I invite you to browse through this page to learn about the features and innovations that Tradologics offers and join the waitlist, so I can let you know as soon as you can signup for a Tradologics account.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read this 🙏

Happy trading!

Ran Aroussi
Founder @ Tradologics
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Focus On Your Algo.
We’ll take care of everything else.

Universal API

Use a single API to trade using 20+ Brokers, ECNs, and Crypto exchanges. Backtest, paper-trade, and live trade your strategies using the same familiar RESTful API.

The standardized, universal API gives you the freedom to write your strategy in use any programming language and any trading framework.


Schedule strategy invocation, market data delivery, and position monitoring, and have that data push to your server using a webhook-style JSON post.

Tradehooks can run every n minutes, on EOD, on (pre/post) market open/close – and allow you to focus on your strategy instead of worrying about handling live data.


Serverless trading is here! Tradelets are encrypted, serverless trading functions where you can push your strategy's code to, or edit using the online IDE.

Focus on important things like generating Alpha and working with clients – instead of spending precious time managing servers in the cloud.

Real-Time Market Data

Access historical and real-time market data for 150,000+ Stocks and ETFs from over 60 global exchanges – as well as Forex & Cryptocurrency from multiple exchanges.

You can access market data using the API, or have a Tradehook push relevant data to your backtests, paper, or live-trading Tradelet or server at specific time intervals.

Research Instance

A private research instance can be spun up with the amount of CPU/RAM/GPU you need and comes pre-loaded with a multi-kernel Jupyter server and VS Code.

Work from anywhere via the browser with fast backtests and market data access by having your R&D machine located on one of our datacenters.


Finding good stocks to trade isn't easy, but with Pipelines and screeners, you can focus on the stocks that meet your standards and suit your strategy.

Defining custom universes, filters, and rules, and have them pushed to you, effectively eliminates the need to handle big data – allowing you to focus on generating signals.

Trading Terminal

Want to take a look at your orders and positions, or enter a quick, out-of-strategy trade? Head over to our simple, unified, web-based trading terminal.

Seeing your balances, positions, and trades across all brokers, as well as an aggregated portfolio, makes it easy to know how you’re doing at any given time.

Performance Reports

Every single one of your strategies has a real-time performance Tearsheet, as well as a market/sector exposure and risk analysis report.

You’ll also be able to get a bird's eye view on your portfolio of strategies as a whole via an aggregated Tearsheet, a correlation matrix report, and more.

Built-In Security

We take security very seriously! Your API credentials and Tradelets are encrypted using a unique 4096-bit private key, which gets created for every individual item.

We also enforce Multi-Factor Authentication, and ask you to click on a secure link sent to your email with every login – all to prevent unauthorized access to your account.


Plus paper trading, backtesting, command-line tool, wrapper libraries, schedulers, rebalancing functions, and more...

Built for Algo Traders

Our suite of services and intuitive cloud console makes it simple to research, test, and trade in the Cloud using a secured and robust infrastructure.

  • No more re-writing your entire code when switching brokers! Use our standardized, universal API to trade with multiple Brokers, ECNs, and Cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • No more parsing data streams to monitor your account! Let Tradehooks take care of that for you, and notify you when something needs your attention.
  • No more managing and worrying about infrastructure! Use Tradelets to deploy strategies using serverless technologies and do something useful with the free time you’ve gained.
  • No more being tied up to a language, library, or framework! Write your strategies in any programming language and any trading framework.
  • No more sifting through data to find “in play” stocks! Use Pipelines to filter assets, and have candidates pushed to you – without you lifting a finger.

Any language.
Any framework.
Any broker.

Tradologics lets you do you. We don't force you to use a specific programming language, a trading framework, or even a broker.

Want to trade with Interactive Brokers? No problem. E*Trade? Absolutely! How about Coinbase, BitMEX, FXCM, or Robinhood? Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes! We support over 20 brokers, ECNs, and Crypto exchanges, with more being added all the time.

The same goes for trading tools and frameworks. Use Zipline, CCXT, GO-Trader, or code your own, or use our dead-simple SDKs and libraries and be up and running in 5 minutes – that is if you have a strategy idea already 😁

Supported Languages:

Using something that’s not listed here?
Deploy your own Docker image to use any language, framework, or tool.