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Trading, meet common sense.

Tradologics is what happens when a market's need to facilitate trading meets a passion for efficiency, smart technologies, and innovation.

Tradologics is the world's first cloud platform for trading. Our mission is to empower traders, developers, businesses, and everyday investors – by creating a powerful and accessible trading ecosystem.

It was founded in 2020 to realize Ran's (our founder) vision to enable greater access to financial markets by removing many of the roadblocks faced by traders and potential traders on the way to automate their trading.

Founder's story

It all started back in 2016 when I released a Python-based trading library. I was trying to make traders' work easier by abstracting the technical stuff as much as possible while still retaining flexibility in strategy design.

But the more I tried to simplify things, the more I realized that programmatic trading is “broken”.

The unrealistic set of skills required to trade programmatically (coding, dev-ops, server admin) prevents many from automating their strategies.

Furthermore, the market's fragmented nature drives more the technically-inclined traders to resort to “duct-tape solutions” using different vendors for market data, alternative data, order execution, and risk management.

The solution I envisioned was a platform where traders can research, test, and trade any market using any programming language, via any broker using a single API — and have data automatically delivered as it becomes available – instead of having to “chase data”.

After months of planning, development, and rigorous tests Tradologics is ready to deliver on its mission to “fix” trading – and allow traders to focus on the trading logic while we take care of everything else.

  Founder @ Tradologics

Join our team

Our team members are bold, resourceful individuals, obsessed with delivering the best trading experience for our customers. We're a 100% remote company and plan to continue growing globally and serve our community around the world — and around the clock.

As a group, we live by the values of innovation, agility and default to action, to make our mission a success. We love what we do and excited about the road ahead.

If you think you should work at Tradologics, please find below our open position. If you haven't found an open position, email work [at] tradologics [dot] com with your pitch on why you should work at Tradologics.

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