The road ahead (and some exciting news)

Take a sneak peek at the future of programmatic trading. It's time to familiarize yourself with Tradologics' vision, products, and roadmap.

Ever since I announced Tradologics - the market response has been overwhelmingly positive! We already have thousands of people on the waitlist, and I receive daily emails from people asking when they can start using the platform.

Over the last few months, I've been working on establishing Tradologics as a company, hiring staff, and raising the funds that will allow us to come out with a great product.

And today, I'm happy to say that my work has paid off, since...

Tradologics just closed its seed funding round! 🎉

The investors include a San Francisco based venture capital fund, a portfolio manager of an algorithmic trading operation, and a systematic hedge fund manager.

This is an important milestone, and one that will allow us to expand our staff even more and speed up development.

Just kidding... 😜

I thought that this is an excellent time to share my vision for the future and provide information about our offerings and roadmap.


To help traders and trading operations of all sizes research, develop, test, run, and scale programmatic trading strategies in the cloud. Our goal is to enable traders to focus on writing the trading logic, while we take care of broker connectivity, data handling, infrastructure, and any of the boring stuff.

Our long-term vision is to offer the "go-to" platform that algo traders, quants, and systematic trading operations use in their day-to-day operations.


Before I can lay down our roadmap, I'd like to introduce our offerings, as we have quite a lot of them... 😁 Followed is a list of our various tools and the problems they solve.

Gateway (Universal API)

A single API for trading via various Equity, Futures, Forex, and Crypto brokers. The gateway also lets you create pending orders without automatically submitting them, in case you need/want to review your orders before manually sending them to the broker.

The gateway eliminates the need for code rewrite when working with multiple brokers or when switching between brokers.

Tradehooks (event-based web-hooks)

Pushes relevant market data, accounts, positions, and order information to your algorithm at predefined intervals or on-demand.

Tradehooks eliminate the need to pull data only to check if it was updated, handle streaming "big data", or keep live socket connection to data vendors and brokers.

Tradelets (Trading functions)

Host your encrypted trading logic on our cloud. You'll be able to push code to the Tradelet, or use the online IDE, and have us keep a version history of their strategy, in case you need to revert to a previous version.

Tradelets eliminate the need to set up and manage a trading server and monitor it to make sure it's online 24/7 and working properly.


Blocks are pre-defined logics that you can plug-and-play into a strategy. Blocks can be anything from stock screeners to filters to indicators. For example, an Order Allocator block will allow you to enter positions based on ratio, volatility, target price, etc. — all without you having to calculate them.

Blocks let you enhance your strategy's performance while reducing the amount of code you need to write. They also eliminate the need to write your own logic for parts of the strategy that are not considered to be the "secret sauce". Oh - and you can create your own blocks for reuse across strategies.


Lets you test ideas and run simulations against historical data using the same code, settings, and infrastructure. You will get a detailed report that will allow you to understand their strategy performance over time.

While you can use Tradologics SDKs to run backtest on your own machine, it will be faster and easier to switch to live trading when backtesting on our cloud.

Research Instance

Spin up a private research machine (billed by the hour) with pre-configured research tools like a multi-kernel Jupyter server, Visual Studio Code, as well as our SDKs and market data.

The research instance allows you to perform research in the cloud from anywhere using a machine with specs suitable for the job (amount of CPU/RAM/GPU). The fact that the machine is hosted on our cloud will provide fast access to our data and various tools.

Trading Terminal

The trading terminal allows you to trade from a web app, as well as manually approve pending orders generated by your algorithms. The trading terminal also provides you with a "kill switch" that either bypasses your strategies or flatten positions and stops them altogether.

Market Data

Access to both technical and fundamental, real-time market data for stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies. Our market includes both official and odd-lot order data - a fact that will take backtests accuracy to a whole new level. This saves you from paying for, cleaning, back-adjusting, and storing vast amounts of data yourself.

Aggregated Portfolio Analyzer

Provides a bird's-eye view on your entire trading operation across all brokers and strategies, including positions, performance, and exposure — updated in real-time.

The aggregated portfolio saves you from calculating everything yourself - and by knowing your sector, liquidity, credit, volatility, and allocation, and geo exposure risks, you'll always know where you stand.

Portfolio Manager

Create your own ETF or Robo-advisor by selecting your preferred universe, weighting factors, risk profile, and blocks - and have the portfolio manager monitor and rebalance the portfolio automatically for your, based on these settings.

What about security?

We take data security very seriously! We take several measures to ensure that your data is secured to the highest degree possible.

Not only do we protect our infrastructure using Firewalls, SSLs, etc. - but we encrypt all of your information and data before saving it anywhere on our servers.

Furthermore, we're using passwordless logins that require both your email and phone when logging in to the platform. It may be easier to simply use a username and password to log in - but we're positive you'd prefer it that way 😉


We currently have a small group of people using the platform (which is in an early-beta stage), and we'll be slowly expanding both our offering and user-base.

Since we're dealing with sensitive data that people rely on to make a living, we want to make sure that we do this right and not rush into getting too many users on board too fast.

That being said, we've recently hired more developers to speed up development... Our goal is to launch most of the offerings above and start accepting users by August/September, and release all of the offerings above by the end of the year.

I need a favor...

We're about to launch on ProductHunt in a few weeks. If you're on there - please follow me there. It looks like the more followers a "maker" has on PH - the more exposure the product will receive. I promise I'll follow you back :)

Until then - Happy trading! 💪


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