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Offer expired: Midnight, July 31 (EST)

Offer expired: Midnight, July 31 (EST)

Algo Trading Summit - Special Offer

This special offer for AlgoTrading Summit attendees offers 35%+ discount on our most popular plan for active traders!


per month billed annually, or $69 month-to-month

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Cloud Actions
Any operation you initiate, including: API calls, data push to strategies, and monitor minutes. What is a action?
10,000,000 /mo
Overage Actions
The cost for actions consumed beyond your plans quota
$10 /1M actions /mo
Live Trading
Trade live on supported brokers, pay based on monthly turnover
Live Trading Credits
The total turnover that you can trade every month, fee-free
$200,000 /mo
Live Trading Discount
Applied to the trading turnover beyond the monthly allocation
10% OFF
Max Live Strategies
Number of live-trading strategies that may run at any given time
Active Monitors
Number of price/position monitors that may run at any given time
Research Instances
Spin up an R&D machine on our datacenter, accessible via browser
Research Discount
Enjoy a discount applied to the research instances fee schedule
10% OFF
Free Block Storage
Attachable volumes for persist data between research sessions
10GB /mo
The total number of backtests you may run every month
Paper Strategies
Number of strategies that may run in paper mode at any given time
BYO Server
Ability to run strategies on your own server or ours, via Tradelets
Uptime Guarantee
Ensure your strategies are running smoothly, or get a refund
Personal Coaching Call πŸ€™
A 1:1 call with Ran Aroussi, where you'll review the platform and strategize on how to structure your code so you can get the most out of it.

* Note regarding unlimited backtesting and paper-trading: You're not limited by the number of strategies you can run in backtest or paper mode. You should be aware, however, that any strategy will consume cloud actions when running.

Not sure how many actions do you need?

Here are some real-world scenarios to help illustrate a monthly action use

EOD Backtest

You backtest a strategy using 20-years worth of EOD data. Over the life of the backtest you submit 1,000 orders.

In this scenario, you'll have:

  • 5,040 actions for data push
    (based on 252 days/year x 20 years)
  • 1,000 actions for submitting orders
    (API requests)

This backtest will consume a total of 6,040 actions.

Intraday Backtest

You backtest a strategy using 20-years worth of 5-minute data. Over the life of the backtest you submit 1,000 orders.

In this scenario, you'll have:

  • 604,800 actions for data push
    (based on 10 hours/day)
  • 1,000 actions for submitting orders
    (API requests)

This backtest will consume a total of 605,800 actions.

Live Trading

You're trading an "opening gap" strategy using two trades every day (entry/exit). Each order size is $2,000.

In this scenario, you'll have:

  • $88,000 monthly trading turnover
    (two $2K trades/day x 22 days/mo)
  • 66 actions for data and order submission
    (2 API requests/day + 1 Tradehook/day)

Trading this strategy will have $88,000 monthly trading turnover.

Complete pricing schedule:

Below is our transparent usage-based pricing for live trading, research instances and cloud actions.

Live Trading

Execute your trades on any broker and pay only based on your total monthly turnover.

* These prices are before applying credits or discounts included with your plan.

Monthly Turnover Price/mo
First $200,000 $20 for every $100K traded
$200,001 - $1,000,000 $15 for every $100K traded
$1,000,001 - $10,000,000 $8 for every $100K traded
$10,000,001 + $4 for every $100K traded

Research instances

Work from anywhere on a private research instance with the amount of CPU/RAM/GPU you need, complete with a multi-kernel Jupyter server and VS Code.

* These prices are before applying credits or discounts included with your plan.


Virtual machines that offers a good balance of memory and vCPUs.

Instance vCPU Memory SSD Price/hr
b.small 4 16GB 50GB $0.45
b.medium 8 32GB 100GB $0.85
b.large 16 64GB 200GB $1.75
b.xlarge 32 128GB 400GB $3.50


Compute-optimized VMs with dedicated CPU for workloads that rely on CPU more than RAM.

Instance vCPU Memory SSD Price/hr
c.small 4 8GB 100GB $0.45
c.medium 8 16GB 200GB $0.85
c.large 16 32GB 400GB $1.75
c.xlarge 32 256GB 800GB $2.75


Virtual machines with 8GB of memory for each vCPU for RAM-intensive research.

Instance vCPU Memory SSD Price/hr
m.small 4 32GB 100GB $0.55
m.medium 8 64GB 200GB $1.65
m.large 16 128GB 400GB $2.55
m.xlarge 32 256GB 800GB $4.75


GPU compute-optimized VMs for AI/ML-focused research and machine learning model training. Accelerated by the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000, harnessing the power of CUDA, Tensor, and RT cores.

Coming soon

Instance vCPU Memory SSD GPUs GPU Memory CUDA Cores Tensor Cores Price/hr
g.small 8 32GB 60GB 1 24GB 4,608 576 $3.75
g.medium 16 64GB 1,280GB 2 48GB 9,216 1,152 $7.75
g.large 20 96GB 1,920GB 3 72GB 13,824 1,728 $11.25
g.xlarge 24 128GB 2.560GB 4 96GB 18,432 2,304 $14.25

Block storage

SSD-based volumes you can attach to your research instances for data persistency between sessions.

* These prices are before applying credits or discounts included with your plan.

Capacity Price/mo* Price/hr
First 100GB ~$0.252 / 1GB $0.00035 / 1GB
100GB - 1TB ~$0.216 / 1GB $0.0003 / 1GB
1TB - 10TB ~$0.18 / 1GB $0.00025 / 1GB
10TB + ~$0.144 / 1GB $0.0002 / 1GB

* Monthly price shown is estimated and based on 720 hours/mo.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

The pay-as-you-go plan offers a per-action pricing based on the following fee schedule.

Actions/mo Price/mo
First 100,000 FREE
100,001 - 5,000,000 $14 / 1M actions
5,000,001 - 50,000,000 $12 / 1M actions
50,000,001 - 100,000,000 $10 / 1M actions
100,000,001 + $8 / 1M actions

* Live trading and research instances are prices based on their respective fee schedules above.

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  • 10,000 actions/mo
  • 1 Live strategy
  • 5 Active monitors
  • $1,000 free live trading
  • Unlimited Backtesting*
  • Switch from backtesting to live trading in seconds
  • Email/Community support
  • 99% Uptime guarantee

* Subject to a monthly limit of 10,000 actions


Frequent Answers & Questions

Below are the most common questions that we get asked.

If you have a question that isn't listed here, please send it to

What is an action?
An action is the basic unit we use to measure platform usage. It represents any operation you initiate with the cloud platform. This includes: every API call, every Tradehook data push, every Monitoring minute (during market hours).
Where are you getting market data from?
We're working with data from multiple sources, including AlgoSeek, IEX Cloud, Finnhub, as well as Forex and Crypto data from every supported exchange/broker.
Do you have Level-2 market data?
We currently support US Equities (Stocks and ETFs), FX, and Crypto at minute-level data. We will offer tick-level and tick-based data bars by early next year (tick bars, volume bars, dollar bars). Support for L2 data is on the roadmap for early next year.
Can I use the universal API from my servers?
Yes, you can! Although your algo code isn't visible to anyone (including us), we understand that you may feel more comfortable - at least at first - to run your algo from your own servers, and that's totally fine.
How do I access market data?
You can use our API for that - but you don't really have to πŸ˜‰. We will push market data to you based on your specified intervals (1M, 45M, 3H, EOD, x minutes before/after the market opens, etc) - or whenever an event you've subscribed to occurs (earnings report, % price move, etc).
What about security and IP protection?
We have several layers of security, including putting all of our servers behind a firewall, using containerized environments for every strategy, encrypting everything from disks to database records, using password-less logins, forcing API token expiration, and obfuscating everything to make it nearly-impossible to tell which trade belongs to which trader and which trades are part of the same strategy.
Wouldn't you have the power to "reverse-engineer" my strategy?
Theoretically, for every trading platform, broker, and auditing service can use your trading data to reverse engineer your strategy. However, we've designed the platform in such a way that it will be extremely hard to do so unless it's done in real-time (see the question above). On top of that - we really wouldn't want to copy anyone's strategy, as it both unethical, and not good for business (if we did that, our customers would both leave us and sue us - and win).
Can you do both event-driven and vectorized backtest?
Our backtester is an event-driven. It was designed this way to allow you to move from backtesting to live trading with zero code changes. That being said - you can use the research instances to perform vectorized backtesting in order to "prototype" a strategy.
Can I backtest/trade using the same code even with rolling instruments like Futures?
Support for Futures is coming in Q3 of this year.
Will there be support for European markets?
International markets support will be added early next year.
Are there going to be additional fees on data feed?
No. Market data push is going to be billed just like any other "action".
Where are the servers going to be located (physically)?
Our servers are based in Equinix's New York datacenter. When we expand support for trading international markets, we'll also be placing servers in the relevant locations.
Which programming language does your editor support?
Python, Javascript, Java, Go, Ruby, PHP, C#, and Bash.
What about execution speed?
Trading using an intermediary platform such as Tradologics adds some latency to every order submission. In our case, there's an average added latency of 100ms-200ms. However, since our servers are located on Equinex, the overall execution speed should be faster compared to running on your local machine. That being said - if you're looking to trade sub-second strategies, than Tradologics is not the platform for you for now.
Can we plug in our own data source?
Yes. Since your strategy is running on its own isolated environment - you can install anything and do anything you want - including connecting to external data sources.

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