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Tradologics overview

A frictionless trading experience

The challenge

Trading programmatically requires an unrealistic set of skills (data science, coding, dev-ops, server administration, etc.), and the fragmented nature of the market drives traders to use various vendors for data, execution, and risk management.

The old way

  • Requires an unrealistic set of skills
  • "Duct-taping" different solutions
  • Re-write code when switching brokers

The Solution

A unified platform and set of APIs to address every part of the trading business cycle, allowing trading operations to focus on trading logic while enjoying a cohesive experience and a streamlined workflow.

The Tradologics way

  • Trade on multiple brokers using a single API
  • Automate data delivery instead of "chasing data"
  • Enhance productivity by streamlining workflow

Complete Freedom

Trade on 20+ brokers and exchanges using the programming language and framework of your choice.

The Tradologics difference

A technology-first approach to trading

A Trading Operating System

Tradologics is the world-first cloud platform and software-as-a-service designed specifically for programmatic trading, allowing them to focus on writing trading logic, while we take care of everything else.

Think of Tradologics as LEGO® for traders. Just like LEGO®, you can pick and chose the parts you need to build the trading system that suits your specific needs. A system that makes sense to you.

Limitless Possibilities

Tradologics' architecture is asynchronous and event-based — meaning data is pushed to you as it becomes available and relevant.

Additionally, there's a many-to-many relationship between all of Tradologics' components, so a single strategy can:

  • Execute orders on multiple brokers while still enjoying as unified report
  • Use different resolutions for bar and delivery (eg. get 1m bars every 2h)
  • Get data from multiple Tradehooks™ and from multiple data sources
  • Start, stop and query other markets, accounts, or strategies
  • And more. Much more.

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The Tradologics Cloud

Focus on your algo.
Leave the rest to us.

Develop, deploy, and scale your trading using our cloud infrastructure and developer tools. Explore our products and start building on Tradologics using the free tier.

See below for details on each product.


Standardized, universal trading API

Research, backtest, and execute trades on 20+ Brokers, ECNs, and exchanges using a standardized, universal RESTful API.

Our trading API gives you the freedom to code using your favorite programming language and framework, and switch between brokers when you need.


Interval and event-based data push

Schedule strategy invocation and market data delivery, and have that data delivered to your strategy via a webhook-style JSON post.

Tradehooks can run every n minutes, on EOD, on (pre/post) market open/close – and allow you to focus on your strategy instead of chasing data.


Serverless trading functions

Tradelets are encrypted, serverless trading functions where you can push your strategy’s code to, or edit using the online IDE.

Focus on important things like generating Alpha and working with clients – instead of spending precious time managing servers in the cloud.


Idea validation using historical data

Simulate strategies on our cloud-based backtesting engine, and let us worry about look-ahead bias and point-in-time data. You worry about the alpha.

Oh, and did we mention it's fast? Our backtester lets you run through a year's worth of minute-level data of a universe of stocks in under 20 seconds.

Market Data

Clean historical and real-time data

Free historical and real-time market data for Stocks, Futures, and ETFs – as well as Forex & Cryptocurrency from multiple exchanges.

Access market data using the API, or set a Tradehook to push it to your backtests, paper, or live-trading Tradelet or server at specific intervals.

Research Environment

Your workstation in the cloud

Start a private research instance with the amount of CPU/RAM/GPU you need. It comes pre-loaded with a multi-kernel Jupyter server and VS Code.

Work from anywhere via the browser with fast backtests and market data access by having your R&D machine located at one of our datacenters.

Blocks & Pipelines

Reduce your strategy's code

Enhance your strategy's performance while reducing the amount of code you need to write using "plug-and-play", pre-defined logic blocks.

Blocks can be pipelines, screeners, indicators, and custom code that saves you from writing code that isn't part of your "secret sauce".


Keeping an eye on your ROI

Actively monitoring your orders, positions, and pricing is wasteful and inefficient. Want to know when price trigger or a 52W high breaks - we got you covered.

Have us monitor your orders, position thresholds, and price alerts - and we'll let your strategy know when something needs your attention.

Strategy Management

From backtest to live in 10 milliseconds

Tradologics lets you move your trading strategies from backtest to paper to live trading mode — without touching your code.

Furthermore, we use version control to keep a track your deployments, so you can always revert to a older version of your strategy if anything goes wrong.

Trading Terminal

Order approval and a kill switch

Want to take a look at your orders and positions, or enter a quick, out-of-strategy trade? Head over to our simple, unified, web-based trading terminal.

Seeing your balances, positions, and trades across all brokers, as well as an aggregated portfolio, makes it easy to know how you’re doing at any given time.


Analyze your entire trading operation

Every one of your strategies has a real-time performance Tearsheet, as well as a market/sector exposure and risk analysis report.

You’ll also be able to get a bird’s eye view of your portfolio of strategies as a whole via an aggregated Tearsheet, a correlation matrix report, and more.

Portfolio Manager

Create ETF / robo-advisor style portfolios

Are you looking to create an equally or dynamic-weighted portfolio that rebalances periodically? We have just the app for that.

Specify your weighing and rebalance rules, and we'll take it from there. Oh, and your portfolio can be made out of assets or other strategies. Freedom is here.

Security above all

Security that's built right in

Data Encryption

Your credentials and strategy code are obfuscated and encrypted using a unique 4096-bit key.

We also enforce multi-factor authentication, and use a secure "magic link" for every login – all to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Isolated Environment

Your research environment and strategies are running on a dedicated, isolated environment.

This means that you're affected neither by other user's resource usage or by possible malicious code they may upload as part of their strartegy.

B.Y.O. Server

Feeling uncomfortable sharing your strategy code with others? We totally get it.

Our hybrid cloud lets you run strategies on your own servers, and still use our data, monitoring, data push, and the rest of our product-line.

Unified, standardized API

One API to rule them all

We worked hard so you won't have to spend months stitching together different systems to build your trading stack. Our APIs offer the ultimate sweet spot between abstraction and power.

Tradologics gives you the freedom to trade on any broker, using any programming language using a single API, or via the tctl — our command-line tool.

  • Multi-broker trading
  • Multi-language support
  • Private data storage
  • Local development
  • Built-in version control
  • Command-line tool

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from tradologics import requests, helpers requests.set_token("txJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9") def strategy(tradehook, payload): # convert data into pandas dataframe bars = helpers.to_pandas(payload, group_by="ticker") # loop over each assets sent for asset in payload.get("assets"): short_ma = bars[asset]["close"].rolling(10).mean()[-1] long_ma = bars[asset]["close"].rolling(20).mean()[-1] if short_ma > long_ma:"/orders", json={ "account": "my-ib-account", "strategy": "moving-average-crossover", "comment": "Short MA crossed long MA", "asset": asset, "qty": 100, "side": "buy" })

Simple workflow

Go from back-testing to live trading – without changing a single line of code.

Tradologics is the only platform that lets you move your trading strategies from backtest, to paper to live trading mode — without touching your code.

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Predictable pricing

Usage-based, per-action pricing with no surprises or hidden fees, and a real-time usage monitoring. Oh, and we also have an “always-free” tier.

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Your data is yours

Passwordless sign-ins, obfuscation, and at-rest data encryption are just some of the ways we keep your data safe from prying eyes.

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